Sunday, February 26, 2006

MS Atlas: The beginning of AJAX like technology on .NET platform

As a java programmer for the last several years, I've returned to the university for my research and study. The first job I've got here is the research project of Microsoft Atlas: an AJAX like technology. Perhaps it's better than AJAX as I saw the comments from the tech news.
Actually, you may not be surprised that it has many features resembling AJAX, however, implemented on .NET framework. It's all about Javascript: a client-side scripting technology. Some specialists may wonder if we should depend heavily on this kind of stuff while considering the security threat to the client-side technology.
The legal issue may arise on whether it is the responsibility of customers using client-side scripting technology while a fraud may occur during transactions. What we concern about Ms Atlas is its authenticity and confidentiality in the implementation of the E-Commerce Application. You may prefer security rather than richer client interactivity.
Atlas provides library in .NET framework to cooperate well with ASP.NET so as to provide a more interactive web user interface. At the moment, Altas is still in experimental stage so you may have to download new release to catch up with the progress in specific period of time.
What I could see is Google provides the best example of using AJAX to facilitate its webmail client interface. Also, Blogger here is another good example to demonstrate AJAX usage.

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